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Our Vision

Our Vision

The growing Global awareness to living a healthier life and in healthier surroundings is leading to the increased demand for Environmentally - Adapted cities and buildings.

A real change has to be made by refocusing on Environmentally Adapted buildings instead of energy dependent ones, a change that will affect our everyday life as well as contribute to solving the global health and energy challenges.


EcoWeaver Global Mission

EcoWeaver is initiating the Global Environmentally-Adapted Building Revolution.

Our mission is to lead our and future generations in health and energy breakthroughs by changing the way we plan and construct our cities and buildings, by maximising use of environmentally-adapted knowledge and codes alongside with optimal energy use in all types of buildings, in all stages, and in all climate zones.


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Tel: +972-50-426.07.21


Our Team

EcoWeaver is based in Israel and has a diversified and creative team of field-leading professionals. Mr. Nehoray Biton and Mr. Asi Shalom are the founders of EcoWeaver and are in business together for almost 23 years.

Both Nehoray and Asi are highly experienced environmentally-adapted building experts.

Together, they integrate more than 25 years of pioneer projects in the Eco Build field and in the Conservation of Israel’s most important Heritage Sites, leading environmentally-adapted projects to great success.

EcoWeaver’s leading team includes highly experienced Chief Scientist, CTO and CFO, and employs leading strategic partner consultants.

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